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Prevention and Sanitization

On 14 March 2020 Italian Government, Business Associations and Trade Unions signed the Shared Protocol for Contrast and Containment of the Spread of Coronavirus in Work Environments, which puts people’s health first and provides for actions and practices to achieve the goal, such as a periodic sanitation of work premises, environment and tools, the use of personal protection tools, the respect of safety distancing among people.

These actions and behaviors will become the new
rules to ensure a safe resumption of work activities, in the name of people’s safety and well-being.

Base Interiors has set itself the goal of being once again the point of reference of its customers in facing these new life and sociality models in the work environment, by identifying and proposing the best market solutions to help to achieve them.

We identified partners that, in line with our values, are able to cope with new health and safety needs by providing solutions of absolute excellence, using processes, products and materials
certified and environmentally friendly

Sanitation interventions carried out by our partners grant access to tax credit for sanitation of work environments provided for in Art.61 of the Prime Minister Decree 17/03/2020 nr.18 «CuraItalia».