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We are able to offer a set of turnkey services, being to customers the single point of reference to rely on.

Thanks to our partners network we can propose Design & Build solutions, supporting the customer starting from the analysis of needs in terms of costs and space management, and ensuring, in all phases of the project, the control of every details, from the consistency of the design, to the respect of the budget, to the overall quality of the delivery.

  • We can develop feasibility studies based on the needs of the customer, the needs of its employees, the flows of people and information, the balancing of spaces assigned to the different Company functions and activities.
  • We evaluate the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the space, and their consistency with the mix of activities carried out, taking into account size, conditions, accessibility, services, maintenance conditions, architectural quality and adequacy of technical systems.
  • We engineer the use of spaces in a logic of efficiency, effectiveness, and interactions among the available areas, always caring about the evolution of the new ways of working.
  • We develop the best solutions for every kind of environment, proposing technical, acoustic, lighting and furnishing solutions of the highest standards and in compliance with regulations, using certified and environmentally friendly products and materials, and always ensuring excellence and satisfaction of expectations.